Earlier this year I attended VeeamOn in New Orleans.  What an experience!  My first trip to the USA and my first VeeamOn.

The whole experience was excellent.  The presentations were awesome, the vendors very friendly and keen to chat and the best part was being able to meet and speak with heaps of Veeam staff.  People that you probably would never had the chance to talk to, such as the developers.

I also attended the VMCE-Advanced Design & Optimization (ADO) course prior to the conference.  Again, excellent!  I would highly recommend the training at the event.  In my case I had some top level Veeam support engineers in the group and also classmates with knowledge and experience I learnt from.

And things didn’t end at 5pm, Veeam seems to keep going, all night….. 🙂

Planning for VeeamOn 2018 is well underway and I can’t wait to get there.  Yep I’ll be going, in August this year I flew down to Sydney for the VeeamOn Forum, why not, only a short flight and say hello to a few people again.  Well, good thing I did, I somehow managed to win the major prize of the day, a fully paid for trip to VeeamOn 2018!!!!!  Woo Hoo… (there’s even a photo https://twitter.com/dilupar/status/895207940705075205)

So I’ll be at VeeamOn 2018.  Will you?

The early bird registration price of USD$649 ends on January 8, so if you want to buy a ticket get in quick, it then goes up to $799 and then $900. VeeamOn 2018 registration page.