Never been to Vegas?  Neither have I, so get in quick and grab your ticket for VeeamOn 2020.  The early bird pricing of USD$450 is valid until the 31st Jan 2020.  Even if you’re not 100% sure yet, grab a ticket and you can always get a refund before March 4.

This will be my fourth VeeamOn

2017 – New Orleans
2018 – Chicago
2019 – Miami
2020 – Las Vegas

Why go half way around the world , well not quite, for a conference you may ask?

If you have any interest in data protection then I would suggest it’s worth attending.  Of course there will be lots technical content with live demos.  Not sure if there will be another laptop dunking

but you never know…  Maybe @RickVanover and @anthonyspiteri will step it up and do something a bit more Vegas inspired 😉

I think all the demos I have seen at Veeam events have been live, none of this pre-recorded video stuff, a testament to the quality of the products and the ability of the presenters.

So there’s LOTS of tech demos however there’s also some very interesting discussion around what’s happening in the world of data protection and some insight in to where things are heading.

Access to Veeamers – You will not get more access to senior Veeam staff, product managers, support etc.  It’s an awesome place to put real faces to Twitter handles and forum names and make “in person” connections.

Training – If you are considering taking the VMCE or VMCE-ADO course then this is the place to do it.  You get the best trainers from around the world, a mix of students from all different backgrounds and environments which makes for a great learning experience. And at USD$1450 and USD$1000 respectively, I think those prices are pretty hot!

The vendor exhibit hall allows you the opportunity to learn about new products/services and also discuss any technical issues you might have.  Most of the vendors, in my experience, have technical staff there that are happy to help you with any curly problems or questions you might have.

Oh yeah, there’s also little party on the last night.. Any previous VeeamOn attendees will be able to tell you about the parties..  Or was it “What happens at the VeeamOn party stays at the VeeamOn party” ?

It’s really simple, here’s a quick checklist for you:

  1. Buy VeeamOn tickets – with training if you need it
  2. Book flights (There’s still some good deals from Australia)
  3. Book your hotel
  4. Make sure you have passport and any other travel docs you need
  5. Arrive at VeeamOn, absorb, learn, network, enjoy!

And if you don’t believe me, listen to Rick!


Cover photo by Dave Morgan from Pexels